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September 16, 2006

THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE–15th september

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Each one of us likes receiving surprises rite???But many of us hardly care to give a surprise even to our dearest ….Same was d case wid me but some tihng different happened tht day…
It was 14th and my mom phoned me(she called me 4 d 4th time tht day :D)..and told me tht d next day was my dad’s Bday….After I got to knw abt it,the onli thing i thought was if onli i cud b thr at 12:00 in d nite n b d 1st person 2 wish him..I realli love dis thing of wishing some bdy 1st …..I asked my
bro to pick me up wen he wud leave 4 home 4m office n he accepted…I was jumpin wid excitement…was plannin all d things i wud do wen i will reach home…At around 10:00 in d nite papa casuali called me ..I was very very careful to c tht i wont express all my exictement on phone…I told him tht i was goin to sleep…The call ended..
My bro came at around 10:30 in d nite n we both were on our way home..WE were searchin 4 a bakery whr i wud get a cake 4 my papa….All shops were closed….I stated cursin myself tht i shud have planned something abt d cake b4 hand.Like an answer 2 my prayers..thr was a small bakery wich was abt to get closed…We rushed in bought a cake n reached home at 11:15..

It was my papa who came 2 open d door but I hid myself in d corridor behind a wall…My bro went inside n papa closed d door as usual…My heart was beating fast …What if my dad suddenli sees me wid a cake in my hand…The entire plan wud get spoilt….God!!!I was very nervous….Then after 5 min my mom who knew abt my plan came and opened d door quiteli…..i crept inside and slipped into another rum widout my papa’s notice..(papa n bhaiwere in another rum)….D clock struck 11:30…HAlf an hour to go!!!!!!!!
My bro was havin his dinner wid my parents in their bed rum and i was hidin in my bro’s rum…Iwas very very excited….each second seemed like hours….It was11:45 wen my bro came in n told me tht dad was sleepin.We waited impatinetli for 14 more minutes…

It was 1 minute to 12 and myself n my bro went near my papa’s bed wid cake n candles in my mom was awake but papa was fast asleep….My bro switched on d light and woke my papa gentli….He slowli opend his eyes…I was till den hidin behind my bro suddenli jumped b4 him wid cake n candles in my hand singin HAPPY BIRTHDAY song!!!!!!!!Papa was soo confued,happy,shocked and was not knowing wats happenin..For an instant he thought tht it was a dream cozz he spoke 2 me jus at 10:30 n i was at d hostel…
We cut d cake n later my papa hugged me sayin tht dis was d best gift and THE BEST SURPRISE he had ever had in his life….He was immenseli touched by wat my bro,myself n my mom did..
Later wen we retired 2 bed after abt an hr of gossip,I began thinkin of all tht i did tht day..Things were soo perfectli fallin in place tht day every thing was favourin me to give dis blast at
home……This is d best thing ive ever done in my life….Dis was d best gift i ve ever given to any
bdy….dis day made a mark as a very very special day in ma lifee 🙂

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