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August 7, 2008


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If wordpress suddenly decides to purge all those accounts which have been “quite” inactive, mine is sure gonna be on the top. Its been an year that I have blogged. Well, if you want to know the reason, its quite simple – I was lazy. This year (from Aug’07 to Aug’08) has been the best and most exciting and brought out a lot of changes in me. Some quick updates:

1) I decided NOT to write crappy posts full of phil as I stopped being phil-ical from the past one year except for one last thing – I became an atheist from an ardent worshipper of God. Reason: Tough to believe that there is a God when so many people are dying just like that right in front of your eyes.
2) From now on I would address my advisor as – ‘you-know-who’.
3) Was among the 40 finalists for Google Women in Engineering Award. Dint make it to the final 15 though.

4) Got a chance to work as an intern at Google Bangalore but you know about you-know-who right? Was sent to Philips, Bangalore by you-know-who where work was great n all but gosh!! Corporate life is soo damn boring. Did you know that you have to wake up by 7, get ready by 8 and be at office by 8:30 ??? 😦 I wonder how our parents have been working from the past 30 years.. Hats off to them.
5) Had to stay as a Paying Guest in Bangalore with a freak. Few excerpts of her Philosophy:
(a) We should get married soon as we are born, otherwise it is difficult to find a guy/gal.
(b) We should bark at anybody who asks us a question, because nobody should question us.
(c) We should sneak into our roommate’s closet and check all her clothes hoping to steal one or two.
(d) We should lose our interest in our lives and given some productive time, think and brood why we did that thing with that person some 123 years ago.
(e) We should keep blabbering even if our roommate tells you blatantly on your face to shut our mouth.

Well, as you can see, I had a great time with her. She spoke about marriage and only about marriage with a misogamist like me.Huh!! Inspite of all this, though Srp and Ajay backed out,Sashi wanted her number :P..Well hurry up Sashi, coz I remember her telling me that if she isnt gonna find a guy soon, she is gonna get converted into a jee–aa–yieee. Anyways,all in all it was a great experience.
6) Went to Skandagiri hills near Bangalore on a moonlit trek on a fullmoon night. Amazing experience!
7) Went to Raigad near Pune on a trekking camp. It was freaking awesome!
8)Been to Singapore as one of the 7 delegates who got selected from all over India to participate in the ASEAN youth festival. Singapore is good but the Raigad trip was better πŸ˜€
9) Watched some good movies like Taare Zameen Par and TDK n many more and few retarded movies like Saawariya and Aaja Nachle.

10) Began to hate if somebody around me is phil-ical. If somebody starts off a simple conversation saying “Yaar, Zindagi….”, I react saying “Jeeeezhus khiriiiiishhhht, spare me dude!”.
PS1:My bro is my wingman these days. πŸ˜‰
PS2:Thinking of starting a new blog as I HATE WRITING IN HERE.
PS3:Skp’s n ORB’s blogs are the coolest!




February 20, 2007


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Sorry guies if I disappoint you.But I am here to jot down about a simple principle which I follow— the KISS principle—-“Keep It Simple and Straight” principle πŸ™‚ I have learnt this principle from my brother and this principle totally rocks…

Let me start by narrating an incident..It was my birthday the next day and my brother was busy as he was engaged in arranging and attending his best friend’s wedding and I was here in the campus.I called him that afternoon and told him openly that I want to see him at 12:00 that night and want to celebrate my birthday at 12:00 with the person whom I love the most..It was impossible for him to drive almost around 20 or even more kilometers just to come here to wish me happy birthday,especially because he hasn’t slept from the past 5 days.He said he would try his level best but cannot promise.I was happy that I atleast told him what was I EXPECTING(the root cause of all the problems πŸ™‚ ) out of him.If I wouldnt have told him that night what I wanted,I would have felt very bad….

I wonder at the way I have evolved in the recent past.I never used to tell what I expect out of people.I would just wait for them to live upto my expectations.And if that did not happen,I used to feel bad.Now,I think,atleast make that person aware of your expectations before you get hurt..And for all those who think they are not goodΒ  atΒ  tellingΒ  their most loved ones their true feelings,all I can say is to be ready to face the consequences and I think they dont have any right to blame others for not living upto their expectations..Ofcourse there would have been a completely different charm if my brother would have come to meet me without me asking him to come..but the final purpose is met and that is what is important to me πŸ™‚

Things which are not in our hands,cant be changed.But things which are totally in our hands like our relationships with people,shoudn’t be made a mess,not atleast from your side right?? Life is too short to complicate things and brood over the things and mistakes which we have committed.Learn from your mistakes and move on..

My favourite line THERE ARE TOO MANY THINGS AROUND US AND VERY LITTLE TIME..BEFORE YOU REALISE THAT THERE IS HARDLY ANYTHING BOTHERING YOU,IT WOUD BE TOO LATE…SIMPLIFY THINGS!!! This is one line which I love using it and I earnestly try putting everyword mentioned into action..I used this line before around eight of my closest buddies including my dad in one day when everybody was unhappy about some of their relationships!!Everytime I feel Iam getting whiffed by the things around me,I get these lines in my mind and things are back into my hands..

My best friend Charan always tells one line–Life is not meant to be brooding about the past.Live this day.Enjoy to the maximun this day..What is going to happen tomorrow,well… we would think about it tomorrow..

Offlate I have realised that things and life is very simple.Its our actions,our complicated analyses that make it complicated..But why do we always try to complicate??Cant you say to the person whom you like the most what you expect
out of that person??Do we really have to make things so tough around us??No right…

I have seen a parent who had ego-clashes with her daughter and the consequence was that they stopped communicating with each other..Then oneday,that parent came to know that her daugher has met with an accident and is dead..God!! The regret which the parent had was something I cannot put in words..The only thing that she had in her mind..If only I get another chance,I would love to hug her and tell her how much I love her…This incident has hit me hard..I wondered..Why complicate things getting your ego between and now repenting all through your life that you shouldn’t have done it !! Why wait for a second chance when you were given a first???

I love these lines of the song RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW from the movie BLUFF MASTER.. The lines are KAL AGAR NA MIL PAAYE,REH NA JAYE BAAT BAAKI. Lead every day as it is your last day..And take it from me,you would never ever dare to mess up any of your most important relations.

If you love a person,tell that person how much you love him/her everyday.If you feel a person is important to you,tell him everyday how much he/she is to you..If you are angry with a person,for heaven’s sake tell that person what has annoyed you ..Dont keep the other person guessing 101 things which might have changed your attitude towards him/her.And dont delay clearing off any misconceptions you have. Be the first person to help your friend when (s)he is in trouble. Mind you,Iam talking about your MOST important relationships.You obviously cant be candid with everybody around
you.What if there is no tomorrow…You shouldnt have any regret right??
Following the KISS principle is not that easy..Its not that tough either..So folks KISS your life.. πŸ™‚

PS1: Phew!! Philosophy and me πŸ™‚ By the way, my bro did turn up that night at 12:00 and nothing else would make my birthday more special than this!!
PS2: Missing my bro terribly 😦 I wish I could fly and reach him whenever I want to 😦
PS3: Listening to the song Bin Tere from GURU from the past 5 days for more than 200
times..Awesome song!! Would love to dedicate few lines to my bro πŸ˜‰
tere binaa chaand kaa sonaa khotaa re
peeli peeli dhool undaawe jhootaa re
tere binaa sonaa peetal
tere sang keekar peepal

Luv u bro !!

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