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March 12, 2007


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                      Big question..Finally found an answer to it 🙂 Getting into the scenario,I was a typical Hem and Haw(the characters of the book WHO MOVED MY CHEESE who were reluctant to mould themselves according to the situations around them). I enjoyed being where I was,reluctant to look at the changes happening around me.Then one fine day,I realised that I have lost my cheese.The cheese station is completely empty.. I wasnt ready for it…All the time,I thought I dont deserve this as there is no mistake of mine(atleast that is what I thought to be).I wasnt ready to change..I wanted someone around me to put MY cheese in its rightful place i.e, for me…Extremely disappointed ,frustated,I lamented on the world.Some times,I saw and felt the mirage of getting my cheese all for me.In the next second,it completely shattered into pieces and so did I …My best friends wanted me to become like ‘Sniff and Scurry'(the names of the mice who moved on the instant they saw that there is no cheese for them).I told them Iam trying but inherently I never wanted to and that is why I was stuck at the same cheese station waiting and waiting for someone to put my cheese back.
Then,the Haw part of me awoke and told me probably its me who has to change and move on and there is no fool in this world who would sacrifice their cheese for you so that you would be happy.This sounded practical to me..I tried my hand at this new concept of moving on..You feel good in a way when you see you are progressing and not losing yourself when you lost the cheese.But its not that easy afterall because that cheese was something very much dear to you..I moved on and on..
Offlate I realise that there isn’t anybody who has actually moved my cheese.I dint have it in my control and failed to see when it was slipping off my hands.I was wrong when I blamed people for not putting my cheese back..With this realisation,you feel good as you have realised your mistake and you wont dare to repeat such a gruesome mistake again.
Being a trekker towards finding my new cheese,I feel strong.I am completely independent now,think and follow my heart.But now and then I get the mirage of getting my favorite cheese back,sometimes it stays too long giving me a feel that probably it is not a mirage but a reality.I try to touch it with my hand and there it goes ..there goes the bubble splitting into minutest particles, waking me from my dream . I open my eyes,see the tears at the corner of my eyes and then a cold soft breeze blows on my face,blowing my tears along with it.I want to have more of this refreshing air,so gear up putting my jogging shoes on and continue my trekking..Great journey.You have peace,silence and more of silence..
Now and then,when I think as to why I remained silent until I lost my cheese completely,I feel the strong liking towards my cheese has blinded me and failed to accept the changes that happened around me.The small amount of selfishness in me which wanted to have more and more of this cheese was surpassed by this liking. Every expectation of mine that somebody would put my cheese back or thinking of getting back to the old cheese station so that I get my cheese back was another mistake I commited .BEING SELFLESS WHEN IT COMES TO STEPPING AWAY SO THAT YOUR FRIEND FINDS HAPPINESS AND BEING SELFISH ABOUT ALL THE BLUES THEREAFTER ….

All I am looking at presently is at my new expeditions with the thing broad clear in my mind that I have lost my old favourite cheese completely and there is no way to get it back and move on with new and refreshing company,wearing a bigg smile on my face 🙂
Wish me happy journey 🙂


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