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February 15, 2007

Valentine’s Day without my Valentine

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It feels ecstatic when you realise the fact that somebody loves you so much that they are ready to give up any thing and everything for you…Wow!!! I swear I would give my life for such people.. Folks,Iam talking about the unbounded and unconditional love of our parents…
Well I have three Valentines every year !!My mom,my dad and my bro 🙂 .Lucky me!!I always get three big gifts from them 🙂 But this Valentines Day had something different in store for me..I was away from my best Valentine for the first time in my life..My bro…Career demands so much from us 😦

Let me tell you guies about my best Valentine.I am the first person whom he tells all his achivements.I have some of the best moments of the life with my Valentine …Lemme rephrase it,all the moments i was with my Valentine are the best.Those loooooong fast bike rides at 12 in the night without of a sweater hugging him tightly,eating an icecream sitting on the bike by the side of the road when it is raining heavily,going out for shopping for 5-6 hours and coming back home buying …. nothing,going for a 2nd show movie and by the time we reached home,the doors of the apartment were locked so we climbed the wall JUMPED off a wall.The list seems endless.

When I am very happy,he is the first person with whom I share my happiness.There have been instances when I was really feeling low,I just gave a call even at 11 or 12 in the night to my brother to came down to my college to meet me…One Sunday,very recently,I was down with fever and came home from college and I loonged to have an ice-cream(well..lemme confess.I long for an icecream almost 3 times a day..I love it till death 🙂 ) I asked my bro (who was working in his office even on Sunday )to fetch me an icecream when he is back home and he agreed.He dint turnup till 11:30 that night and I slept after waiting for him soo long..Finally he turned up at around 12:30 with a BIGGGGGGGGG Ice cream(By big i mean really BIG 🙂 )..He woke me up and put a spoon of ice cream into my mouth..I asked him what made him come so late..Then he reminded me the fact that it was 12:30 in the night and that he had to search for an icecream parlour for nearly an hour to find an ice cream of my favourite flavour.!!! I was speechless on looking at his the unparalleled unconditional love

I remember those times when I teased him with his female colleagues and friends and the way he gets mad over such issues ..Almost every possesion of mine right from my cellphone to most of my accessories are my brother’s gifts..I remember how my friends used to say–“I wish I had a brother like yours …You are soo lucky.He loves you soo much…” I remembered the way we fight and stop talking to each other for few hours just because he snatched away my pencil or my pen’s cap..Lol!!! Cant help smiling at all those…I remember all those times in the past 1 year the incredible support I got from my brother..He made me realise some of the most important things in life–Not to give importance more than a certain extent to anybody,people are not like the way you want them to be and most importantly nothing is impossible–These are some of the many things which he taught me…Though there is a gap of 5 years between us that never affected our relationship.We are always more like friends rather than a brother and a sister..He is very very protective about me and I just love that……
If there is any person in this world about whom Iam very very possesive then that is my brother.I really get furious when I am with him and any of his friends call him and he starts chatting with them.
I am now somehow getting a feeling that do we really have to lose something to gain something?Wont we be happy if we are settled in a small house with a small job and living with our family.What is life without our parents??Do we really have to be away from them just to gain material pleasures??Does our career demands weigh more than the love for our parents???But then I know that things cant be that way.

Terribly missing my Valentine 😦 Lifez soo unpredictible 😦


September 16, 2006

THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE–15th september

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Each one of us likes receiving surprises rite???But many of us hardly care to give a surprise even to our dearest ….Same was d case wid me but some tihng different happened tht day…
It was 14th and my mom phoned me(she called me 4 d 4th time tht day :D)..and told me tht d next day was my dad’s Bday….After I got to knw abt it,the onli thing i thought was if onli i cud b thr at 12:00 in d nite n b d 1st person 2 wish him..I realli love dis thing of wishing some bdy 1st …..I asked my
bro to pick me up wen he wud leave 4 home 4m office n he accepted…I was jumpin wid excitement…was plannin all d things i wud do wen i will reach home…At around 10:00 in d nite papa casuali called me ..I was very very careful to c tht i wont express all my exictement on phone…I told him tht i was goin to sleep…The call ended..
My bro came at around 10:30 in d nite n we both were on our way home..WE were searchin 4 a bakery whr i wud get a cake 4 my papa….All shops were closed….I stated cursin myself tht i shud have planned something abt d cake b4 hand.Like an answer 2 my prayers..thr was a small bakery wich was abt to get closed…We rushed in bought a cake n reached home at 11:15..

It was my papa who came 2 open d door but I hid myself in d corridor behind a wall…My bro went inside n papa closed d door as usual…My heart was beating fast …What if my dad suddenli sees me wid a cake in my hand…The entire plan wud get spoilt….God!!!I was very nervous….Then after 5 min my mom who knew abt my plan came and opened d door quiteli…..i crept inside and slipped into another rum widout my papa’s notice..(papa n bhaiwere in another rum)….D clock struck 11:30…HAlf an hour to go!!!!!!!!
My bro was havin his dinner wid my parents in their bed rum and i was hidin in my bro’s rum…Iwas very very excited….each second seemed like hours….It was11:45 wen my bro came in n told me tht dad was sleepin.We waited impatinetli for 14 more minutes…

It was 1 minute to 12 and myself n my bro went near my papa’s bed wid cake n candles in my mom was awake but papa was fast asleep….My bro switched on d light and woke my papa gentli….He slowli opend his eyes…I was till den hidin behind my bro suddenli jumped b4 him wid cake n candles in my hand singin HAPPY BIRTHDAY song!!!!!!!!Papa was soo confued,happy,shocked and was not knowing wats happenin..For an instant he thought tht it was a dream cozz he spoke 2 me jus at 10:30 n i was at d hostel…
We cut d cake n later my papa hugged me sayin tht dis was d best gift and THE BEST SURPRISE he had ever had in his life….He was immenseli touched by wat my bro,myself n my mom did..
Later wen we retired 2 bed after abt an hr of gossip,I began thinkin of all tht i did tht day..Things were soo perfectli fallin in place tht day every thing was favourin me to give dis blast at
home……This is d best thing ive ever done in my life….Dis was d best gift i ve ever given to any
bdy….dis day made a mark as a very very special day in ma lifee 🙂

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