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April 29, 2007

Phew!!What a sem !!!

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Its been around 2 months that I totally forgot that a thing called BLOGGING existed…Got busy wid exams and the things which came along in the past 2 months that pulled me away from the very thing which I love doing…. Blogging…So here Iam burning my brain cells thinking of what to write about…Would start my journey narrating my experiences of this semester…
This semester has been really big for me..It all started with a BIG BANG on the very beginning day of my semester,I met with an accident and had a fracture in my leg…After being at home for about three weeks,I came back to campus with a walking stick 🙂 ..I missed many things this semester,be it the sports event or the dances..Academically this sem is the worst of all the semesters…Though I enjoyed working on graphics assignments or the DB project,I literally got single digit scores in many subjects and my second midsems were a total disaster 🙂 Not one not two but all the four subjects I was one of the least scorers of the class.. Being a fairly good student,I should say that getting such disgusting marks have opened my eyes and prevented me in losing myself and made me to think about my academics..Worked for the end semesters but screwed up four out of five exams 😦

Personally,phew!!What a sem!! I had my sweetest brother leave for abroad making me feel sad and completely down for few months and then making me self dependent now..I made many new friends and lost some good old ones..My facade worked wonderfully well this sem even for people whom I thought would understand,who actually thought I am damn fine and need no care to be taken….I learned few hard things which were very hard to accept but there is no other option..huhhhh!! A complete disaster when it comes to my relations and the situation became worser as I dint have my sweet brother with me who would have supported me all way through…
After our exams ,was this dilemma of whether to take honors or not and if yes then which stream..After a lot of thought and consultation,I opted for CVIT..(For all those who are not IIITians,CVIT is Center for Visual Info Tech )..I enjoyed the classes which we had for around ten days..I watched around 15 movies in these ten days,slept in the mornings at 7 and woke up in the afternoons for the classes,did some crazy things like having breakfast on some road side shop near my college two three times and guies let me tell you,..I loved the food there!! I also tried footboarding early in the morning and it totally rocks!! I swear I would do this quite often from now on…
Phew!! Finally a post .from my side .. 🙂
PS 1: I luv u bro and I really wish you were here..
PS2: Going home tomorrow and in no mood to sleep tonight..

PS3:Guess this is the worst post I have ever written 🙂


February 19, 2007

Tag Post !! Here it comes!!

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          Well-o-well thanks to Maruti and Namrata for giving me another addition in my posts’ list… Let me see how well can I answer the questions…Here I go….

1.A living person whom I wouldlike to meet  : Well it would be John F Nash,the subject of the movie A BEAUTIFUL of the best movies I have ever seen and which has inspired me the most.. A brilliant Mathematician,John Nash suffered from Schizophrenia,got admitted to a mental asylum and his entire career came to a pause for more than a decade.He then decided to fight against HIS OWN THOUGHTS and move towards his goal which was receiving a Nobel Prize for his work and finally made his dream come true..An awe inspiring character!!!Live illustration of the fact that ‘Nothing is Impossible’ .

2A dead person whom I would like to meet :Bhagat Singh

3.An event in Indian History which I would like to change:Well it would definitely be the partition of India and Pakistan and all those events which has raised such feelings among Muslims at that time.We were together all through the struggle for independence and should have been together till now..If this incident wouldn’t have happened,there would have been no killings,sufferings,religious fights  and wars between India and Pakistan and India would have been a far better place to live in.

4 .A movie which I would like to witness in real life: It would be any of the awe inspiring movies like Rang De Basanti or Nayak or many of the Telugu movies directed by Shankar like Aparichitudu or Bharatiyudu which deal with the same concept of making India a better place by punishing the bad..

5.A literary character  I would like to meet :It would undoubtedly be  Sherlock Holmes.If there is a second choice,I would even love to meet a comic book character ‘Tintin’.  🙂

6An incident in the history which I would like to witness:It would be going along with all the astronomers who have been till date to space and witness the greatest secrets of the galaxy  🙂

January 6, 2007


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Suprised that it has been more than one and a half years that I’ve been in IIIT,but still the caption says ONE year in IIIT..Well I strongly feel that its just one year for me in IIIT.Let me tell you why…

Thanks to my eccentric professors at my college in my Intermediate who were always after me to study because they felt,if I would put a little effort(which I never did when I was in my Intermediate,I swear!!!),I can really perform well..Well there was a healthy competition and that brought the best out of me and I secured fairly good rank in AIEEE,good enough to get into IIIT.
My first sem..Well-o-well.. I continued to be the same as i was in my Intermediate..I was confined to my own world,went home after every two days..I spoke very less and never got involved into any serious relationship with friends.I was very candid.I still remember the first FSIS(Faculty and Student Meeting ) we had on the first week.Professor Sangal asked all of us if we had any problems regarding the HEALTHY INTERACTION.I immediately got up and told him that I am liking this place and the HI but the timings seem to be very odd.Being a “Early to bed and early to rise ” kind of person,staying awake till three in the night and then getting back to PT at 6:30 seemed tough for me and to infact to every body in the hostel .I never knew what was awaiting me.I received a good deal of chidings from my seniors.This seemed confusing to me first.I did not understand why I was being scolded for telling the truth.Well that episode left me with getting one thing into my mind and that is “you cannot be candid before every person..”Except for this episode,there hasn’t been anything interesting and thats the reason I dont feel like including those 6 months into the time I’ve spent in IIIT..
At the end of my first semester,I became close to few of the girls and loved making friends and freaking out with them and enjoying with them watching movies,going out for shopping etc..All these were completely new to me and turned me on.I started loving the place..The habit of running home after every two days vanished and I started going home only once in a week….Then my friends circle started expanding and I fell in love with the company instantly..I never luked at life seriously..They made me do so..I shared a great rapport with all my frineds I was proud of my new friends and was happy to find such a great company soo soon.. As I became closer to my friends,I was introduced with the problems which exist between relationships..For the first time,I saw friends getting apart because of ego problems or what they called then PRIORITY PROBLEMS..I was new to every word to which I was introduced..Priority???Do you rank your friends in an order of priority????I never knew that…I have some of the best friends of my life whom I know since my schooling and everyone was and is equally important to me..I never ranked them in any order nor did they…We don’t at all have this CONCEPT of PRIORITY among us..Those were the best times I’ve ever had.Iam in touch with everyone of them and we are the same even now,though we meet less frequently but we DO meet…I treasure every moment i’ve spent with them..

As I got more and more into these cob-web of relationships,many things dawned to me.For the first time,I have seen people getting possessive and selfish about their relationships,which according to me is quite wrong.I know every single soul here would differ with me in this aspect,but what I feel is if you truly trust a person,you would never get possessive.People need their space no matter how much ever close they are.For the first time,I have seen people slipping quitely from the situations arose because of their mistakes,people who boasted that they would always be supporting others,maintaining silence when relationships were tearing apart in front of their very eyes…Every thing hit me hard and brought me out of my aptly termed FANTASY WORLD–a world where every thing happens as you want them to happen,a world where your friends are like angels,a world where there is no place for selfishness and possessiveness…I couldn’t believe people can be they way they were.It was the time when I had this feeling that every single person at this place is an opportunist,they say they are possesive but are infact selfish to the core and dont bother even if they world gets destroyed because of them.
Of-late I have realised with the help of some of my best friends the fact that everybody here is not bad.They are very good people.Its just that there is an element of selfishness which is in their heart which restrains them from doing what is right.Thanks to this early realisation and I started making many friends and I changed myself from an introvert to an extrovert.Though the bitter fact always remains that I have lost few of my friends,there is another brighter fact that I gained more than two dozen friends(Not a bad bargain what say!!! 😀 ).This is a great place to live in and guies I swear it would change every person who would enter this place..
I want to thank all my friends for introducing me to real life and helping me coming out of my FANTASY WORLD,though I was made to realise this fact in a very harsh manner…No regrets ofcourse….Now I’ve become very independent and I realise my strong and weak points This might sound really philosophical to you,but everybody down their heart would love to do this..Its been a roller-coaster ride for me.

My one year at IIIT has been very dramatic .Let me see what more is in store for me in the coming two and a half years..

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