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August 5, 2007

Recipe of Friendship

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This is an extract from my personal collection of recipes 🙂 .This is the recipe which I have been trying from the past..should say 10 years.Let me see if you like it or not..
Name of the dish: ‘FRIENDSHIP’.
2 table spoons of TRUST.The most essential ingredient without which the recipe is a complete failure.
1 full cup of SELFLESSNESS — The less this ingredient(which should be in liquid state) in your recipe,the more is the chance of spoiling it.
1 and a half table spoon each of CARE and AFFECTION.
1 table spoon each of SINCERITY and UNDERSTANDING both of which are very very important for the dish to be successful.

Take all the ingredients and pour the ingredient selflessness into it and mix it evenly and sprinkle the ingredient “I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU” all over the dish.

–Dont even get SPICES like arrogance,selfishness and possessiveness in the vicinity because they are prone to spoil the recipe forever!!

TaDaaaaaa!!!!!! There you go!!

PS0:This is purely my way of making the recipe,so please dont blame me if you dont like its taste 🙂

PS1:I dont have a personal collection of recipes.I havent tried anything except making coffee and tea 🙂 .

PS2:Dedicated to my most valuable friends..Needless to mention their names..Thanks for everything 🙂


July 25, 2007

We will miss you,Mr.Kalam!

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“I will leave the Rashtrapati bhavan with only two suitcases.”.These were the words of the retiring first person of India after his successful completion of his tenure serving India.Mr.Kalam is an embodiment of simplicity,modesty and honesty.Behind that simple person is an intellectual who dreamt what many of us dream–of making India a pioneer in the field of science.But what distinguishes him from most of us is that he nurtured his dream and made a very significant contribution to Indian Space Research.His contributions were well recognised all around the world and he was conferred by some of the most prestigious civilian honours like Padma Bhushan,PadhmaVibhushan and Bharat Ratna.

The first time I got to know about life of Mr.Kalam was by reading his book WINGS OF FIRE.My first impression on that book was it must be some really boring autobiography.But once started reading it,I finished reading it in four hours and was so immensely inspired by his book that I consider it the best of all the autobiographies I have read so far.In his book and in his real life,the only thing that he has stressed upon was to inspire millions of children to dream of making India a developed nation by 2020. Even with such a busy schedule,he always ensured that he found some time for children.

Although I am very much looking forward to see the first woman president for our country,I am little apprehensive about the two people who contested for the post–Pratibha Patil and Shekhawat.During the recent campaign,the way the two parties criticized each other was shocking.One person while campaigning was bringing into light the controversies about the other.Pratibha Patil was alleged to have used her influence for shielding her brother in a murder case.Her name is also associated with the Pratibha Women Cooperative bank which was alleged for financial irregularities and a handful of other scams.Can any of our future presidents match the perfect blend of mind and heart which Mr.Kalam had??Lets just wish Mr.Kalam a well deserved retired life and hope that our new president leads India towards progress.

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